An enduring organisation

Focus on quality of service

The expertise in our departments, the performance of our tools, and the flexibility and modernity of our group strategy make us ever more attentive to the changing purchasing patterns of our customers. They must find reliable and sustainable solutions at the lowest cost through BJ PARTENAIRES.

Explore new horizons

In line with international policy momentum, BJ PARTENAIRES aims to participate in the major challenge of energy transition and be responsive to the needs and development of its historical markets. Our management control conducts performance evaluations, defines objectives and anticipates the means necessary for approaching development prospects with confidence.

Focus on people

Our BJ PARTENAIRES employees contribute largely to our success; their involvement and accountability drive our productivity.

Secure the growth of the group

A consolidated financial report is submitted to management every month. Meeting in an operational committee, managers of the group companies work on strategic choices and make necessary decisions for the realisation of high-stake projects. BJ PARTENAIRES' strong foundation and financial sustainability are also confirmed by a 3+ rating from the Bank of France.

An internal, collaborative relationship

Attentive and available, the BJ PARTENAIRES Directorate ensures local management motivation by offering employees:

  • a comprehensive on-boarding programme
  • participation in performance, based on a collective and incentivising profit-sharing agreement
  • an annual appraisal process
  • an active continuous professional development policy 
  • anticipation and adaptation of human resources needs
  • active internal communication 
  • a framework for modern and safe activity, governed by a PRAP scheme

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