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Euro-Negoce bold competitiveness

EURO-NEGOCE, an independent distributor, has sold French and European high-end electrical equipment since 1996. Lighting designer through the PULS'ART design.

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BJ Logistics responsive performance

BJ LOGISTICS, available to the Group of trading professionals and to e-tailers, ensures the receipt and storage of goods as well as the preparation and sending of B2C or B2B orders.

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EuroConcep tailored support

EUROCONCEP studies, designs, manufactures and works on electrical cabinets, which are as close as possible to the specific wishes of our customers and markets.

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EI-Sacem the alliance between sheet metal and industrial electricity

EI-SACEM designs and manufactures a full range of temporary electrical cabinets, intended for construction sites.

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Lighting solution

CINTRAT specializes in the design and distribution of innovating lighting solutions.

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BJ Group Management

BJ SERVICES ensures the pooling of internal skills and resources to benefit companies in the group.

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Growth accelerator

For start-ups and SMEs

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International business booster

EUROTRADING provides financial and logistical support to international businesses wanting to expand on the European market.

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Mon comptoir digital

Le premier comptoir digital
dédié aux artisans électriciens de France.

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Le bureau d'études d'éclairage d'Euro-Négoce

PULS'ART, au service des architectes, décorateurs, agenceurs, bureaux d’études et autres professionnels de l’immobilier.

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