A group in motion


Creation of Euro-Négoce B&J

Didier Jacquier and Philippe Bouvet-Maréchal come together and create Euro-Négoce B&J, a company specialising in the distribution of electrical equipment. By sourcing from abroad, the company provides its customers with leading brand electrical equipment at competitive prices. The company is innovative for the time, creating a central warehouse and setting up national express distribution to electrical installers.


Start of sub-contracted "wired cabinet" activity

In response to a new request, EURO-NEGOCE diversifies its range of services and offers the production and assembly of electrical cabinets to installer customers.


Creation of Eurotech

Philippe Bouvet-Maréchal, Didier Jacquier and Gilles Fournet create the EUROTEC company, a specialist in the manufacturing of automated systems. EUROTEC is particularly active in the quarry, environment and water treatment sectors.


Establishment in Sillingy

With a turnover of 5 million and 10 employees, EURO-NEGOCE builds its premises in Sillingy in Annecy, Haute-Savoie.


Extension of buildings

Between 2000 and 2004 the turnover increases by nearly 40%. Now with 30 employees and a clear growth, the company extends its buildings (3,000m²) and internally integrates the cabling business. 


Creation of the of the BJ PARTENAIRES Group

As the parent company, BJ Partenaires manages and controls the EURO-NEGOCE and EUROTEC Group's operating companies.


Creation of Euroconcep

Since 2003, BJ PARTENAIRES has been able to design and manufacture in-house electrical distribution and automation cabinets. The creation of EUROCONCEP naturally emphasises this skill, which is already well recognised and developed. The buildings are further enlarged (4,000m²) and the group's turnover reaches €16 million.


Sale of Eurotec

BJ PARTENAIRES cedes 50% of its shares to EUROTEC, reducing its participation in the Group to 10%.


Construction of a new logistics base

BJ PARTENAIRES invests in the creation of a 7,000m² logistics base, with the most advanced technological features. This is primarily to meet the needs of EURO-NEGOCE, having now committed to deliver all over France within 24 hours. The logistics platform is also scoped to meet the needs of external customers.


Creation of BJ Logistics

BJ LOGISTICS resumes the logistical activity of EURO-NEGOCE and also supports e-commerce actors who want to outsource their supply chain. Each year, BJ LOGISTICS adds 10 new customers to its portfolio. Launch of the management of 200 parcels per day, with a five-year goal to reach 1,000 parcels per day.


Creation of BJ Services

With BJ Services, the operating companies of the BJ PARTENAIRES Group share departments: human resources, accounting, communication, IT, financial management.


Integration of the EI-SACEM company

With EI-SACEM, a recognised specialist in the design and manufacturing of site cabinets, the BJ PARTENAIRES Group adds to its core business a historical activity specialisation in order to satisfy all customer demands.


New growth drivers

With nearly 150 employees and a consolidated turnover of €25 million, the BJ PARTENAIRES Group consolidates its development by building closer relationships with SMEs with complementary expertise.


Incorporation of CINTRAT to the group

With the incorporation of CINTRAT ECLAIRAGE, a company specialising in the design and supply of full lighting solutions, the BJ PARTENAIRES group is stepping up the development of its lighting activity.


New services dedicated to start-ups and SMEs

An initiative that is part of the improvement and diversification of existing activities:

BUSINESSLAB is a new modern workspace dedicated to ambitious businesses that want tailor-made support services to speed up their development capacity.

BJ CONSULTING, supply chain management specialist, supports businesses in the study, execution and optimisation of all or part of their supply chain.


Resuming ACFP activities at EI SACEM

On January 2nd, 2018, EI SACEM expanded, through the acquisition of teams and industrial assets of ACFP, a specialist in industrial sheet metal. Through this buyout, the position of EI SACEM is strengthened and made viable in the Rhône Alpes market, in line with the project for developing each of the group subsidiaries based on its business know-how.