EUROTRADING, the facilitator of international business

Are you a foreign industrial manufacturer or constructor? Are you a distribution agent for an international brand? Do you want to conquer the European market?

You can count on our 20 years of experience in international commerce in the distribution of industrial equipment. We ensure, on a daily basis, the management of stocks and logistic flows between manufacturers and wholesale customers. We take care of the logistics, financial and customs constraints related to the commercialisation of international brands.

You can stay focused on your core business, the promotion of your products. We will take care of the rest!

What EUROTRADING can do for you

We import goods from the export supplier to our logistics warehouse based at Sillingy in Haute-Savoie, not far from Annecy.

We propose 3 different support solutions:

  • Solution 1: funding of stocks. A made-to-measure extra-bank service. We pay your suppliers directly for your purchases. Each month, we issue an invoice corresponding to the management and logistics costs of products that you have sold and that we have shipped.

This funding system has a double advantage: that of securing your development by adjusting your stocks to the increase in sales without the associated issues surrounding cash flow, which, second advantage, remains available for other needs.

  • Solution 2: We buy your goods for you, we finance the stock and invoice your end-customers directly with a business margin that includes the management and logistics costs; you ensure the commercial promotion of the products.
  • Solution 3: Integral management of the supply chain. Through the skills of BJ LOGISTICS, a logistics company of the BJ PARTNERS group, we ensure the administration of the product databases, procurement, reception, storage, product inventory, co-packing operations and shipping of orders, but also the management of data essential to the piloting of sales, customer service, etc.


Creation date


Expérience internationnale
20 years


Storage space
10 000 m²


Multi compétences
3 activities

Come and meet us on site at Sillingy, in Haute-Savoie

Discover our working methods with a tour of our logistics platform and let’s discuss your project and find the tailored solution for the development of your business on the European market.

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